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  Founded in 1993, Changzhou Guofeng is a private company located in the center of Changjiang triangular area in east China. Taking the advantage of its advanced technology, transporting convenience (where the Beijing-shanghai express railway, Shanghai-Nanjing intercity railway and highway, 312 national way and Bejing-Shanghai grand canal are all close at hand),Guofeng has been distinguished as a leading enterprise due to its outstanding electromechanical production capacity, significant and sophisticated manufacturing experience, mature and steady administration technology and super qualified product quality as well.

  As an unique private manufacture with fine steel structure designing capacity and industry admired capacity, especially in designing and manufacturing  capacity of auto hydraulic tight & releasing inner prefabricated box girder formworks utilized for transportation area, now Guofeng has worked for over 20 years and expanded itself from initial single product manufacturer to be an integrated group with multi product manufacturing capacity which includes basic fine steel structure equipment geared to the construction of railways and highways, steel components for engineering machineries, environment protection equipment and components for textile machines as well.

  With self-constructed workshops and administration building which occupied 90,000 occupies square meters, over 90 million yen fixed assets,400 employees ,50 professional technical clerks with industrial advanced designing & researching abilities, and varies of cutting-edged processing equipment which resulted in its tremendous production capacity, say to offer about 80 series of box girders formworks,100 series of moulds for track slab and 100 tons other kind of metal structures, Now Guofeng has changed itself into kind of national research and development center concerning about auto hydraulic tight & releasing of inner prefabricated box girders formworks with the biggest supplier capacity in this area, and has served for multi national and international famous groups as well.

  The main product categories which are listed below are:

Series of prefabricated box girder formworks for the construction of special railways and highways;

Series of Segment girders;

Series of steel formworks made of integrated materials;

Series of small box girders formworks made of stainless steel;

Series of lining trolleys;

Series of T-shaped box girders formworks;

Series of U-shaped box girders formworks;

Series of steel moulds for CRTSⅠ/Ⅱstyle track slabs;

Series of steel moulds for prestress tension system for steel rebars; 

Series of CRTSⅠ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ track slabs gantry paving cranes; 

Series of moulds for subway tunnel shield segments;

Series of prefabricated steel formworks for box culvert section;

Series of moulds for doubled track slabs; 

Series of single & double box girder formworks, 

Series of steel structures for kind of utilized in different area;

Series of incinerators for environment protection;

Series of components for engineering machineries; 

Series of components for textile machines, etc.

  Being honest, hardworking and innovative, Guofeng always keeps her eyes open on product promotion and technology innovation so that her can maintain its best product quality with satisfied technical service. Welcome to Changzhou China, now we can guarantee you will be even more contented in long run cooperation…



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